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The herbs in our products are grown wild in small, organic gardens throughout Santa Cruz County. They grow very well in this Mediterranean climate. This allows them to grow free on the land without pesticides or much care. We only harvest the leaves and flowers leaving the plants alone to repeat its cycle every year. Small batches are made from that years dried herbs making the salve rich with nutrients to nourish your gentle skin. 


Our featured product, the Herbal Skin Salve, offers a wide range of benefits to help your skin look its best. Rub on to areas of need to moisturize, soften and soothe the skin. Use it as a massage oil to soothe swelling and soar muscles. It is wonderful at relieving itching from bug bites, stings and even dry, itchy stages of poison oak and ivy. Dab on to comfort scrapes and to reduce bruising and scarring. It's also wonderful for an aftershave to soothe irritation and redness. For a next day sunburn gently apply to the skin allowing the Vitamin E to repair skin damage. The Herbal Skin Salve has a variety of uses. Try it today!  


The Herbal Skin Salve is a wonderful addition to your first aid kit or travel bag! We offer the  Herbal Skin Salve package at a great price so you can carry the small jar with you and keep the large jar at home. Always keep the large jar handy to help you not only with your skin, but to breath in the earthy aroma of yarrow, lavender, and rosemary to relax you from the day. 


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